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Lot of issues still there in beta version. Very slow updates. from samsung πŸ˜…

(Topic created on: 11-06-2019 11:20 AM)
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Lock screen issue with apps like cred, google pay, etc is still persisting. Apps wont open with first unlock. Have to open and unlock twice. Also once we close the app and try to open it again it wont open. If i clear all the recent apps or apps running in background then only able to open gpay or cred. Cant share photos videos or even a link directly to contacts on whatsapp . Sometimes i hav observed this also that phone is in vibration mode but it wont vibrate when calls are coming. Charging is little slow as compared to stable android and camera night mode also is not as good as earlier. Samsung Kindly look into these issues.
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of course these issues will be resolved with an update , i hope updates are coming soon