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Fixing and improvements need to happen in settings menu

(Topic created on: 11-15-2019 05:37 PM)
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- wifi signal bar showing only 1 bar where it used to show 2 bars In one Ui 1.5. Also download speed is reduced. 
- settings> account icon in top right> apps and services> Samsung apps> apps that you have used. It shows Samsung apps that I am using but it only shows few apps. I am also using notes app but I doesn't appear there. I don't think it's important but if we are showing used apps all Samsung apps show be shown there which are in use. 
- can't search for few settings in settings menu. Like 'spen' and 'dolby Atmos'
- there is wifi setting in special access> wifi control. but it's not shown under wifi. I feel like if anything is related to wifi show be in settings>connections>wifi. 
- connections> bluetooth> dual bluetooth, one speaker always has a lag and volume is low on one speaker as well.
- when I check my wifi data usage it shows data used between December 2018 to January 2019...shocked!! So someone must be using note11+ right now😱😱
- connections> data usage> we can change dates for mobile data but can't change them for wifi. 
- sound & vibrations> when I mute my ring volume with volume buttons it also mute notification and system sound. I would like to mute ring but have the notification volume turned on.
- notifications> aggressive battery management stops a lot of notifications but Samsung should find a way for these missing notifications. Maybe every hour all apps should be let allowed to send notifications and and in two minutes put all of them back to sleep. Samsung can sure find a way.
- members app notifications keep coming even after I checked them. They won't stop unless I click on every single notification. 
- please please dark mode should have accent colors, right now there is only blue color and when I go to developer option for accent color they don't any color. 
- display> touch sensitivity> tuning it on doesn't change touch sensitivity for spen.
- visibility enhancements> show button shapes> after tuning it on I didn't see any change at all. If you guys know what it does please let me know. 
- Biometric & security> Fingerprintscanner, it's very slow compared to lated stable one Ui 1.5 and we have to press really hard. Alos we will like to have more Fingerprint scanner unlocking animations. 
- advance features> spen> air actions... we need to have customizable air action. Like if I make 8 figure in air with spen it open some app or turn on some setting. This might not be possible in this note maybe in future. We should be able to record custom gestures also. 
- spen near the edge of the screen it doesn't draw under it's nib and in next note I will also love a special button for eraser. Maybe the clicky thing on top of spen can be a eraser switch. 
- advance features> screenshot and recorder show be able to store videos in sd card directly. 
- advance features> reduce animation> doesn't reduce animation when switching apps with recent apps button. 
- advance features> motions & gestures> palm swipe screenshot is a mess. No better way to put this. 
- battery life was way better in one Ui 1.5
- device care> 3 dots> app usage history. Gallery app has been crashed 4 times. 
 device care> 3 dots> advance> notification. I have no clue what it does. It's just notifications and there is on/off button
- edge lighting notification effects doesn't work for most apps. I have just seen it work for messages consistently.
- apps>3 dots> special access> adaptive notification and notification. I feel like these settings are being repeated twice. They already exist in notification.
- Samsung keyboard need permanent emoji key in keyboard toolbar
 - about phone> status> up time.. it should be going non stop since phone first get turned on and never reset. 

These are just my observations. I feel like these things can be improved in future update.