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After Beta Update Phone unlock option isnt working.

(Topic created on: 10-30-2019 11:32 PM)
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I have an issue like phone is running on beta android 10 isnt reconizing pin password after restarting phone. I chooses an option in which phone is restarting every morning @6 am. After wakeup i picked my phone and entered pin which was showing incorrect.

 In process 

Android 10 running -> 
option selected daily restarting phone -> 
before sleeping activated focus mode -> 
phone restarted -> 
entered same pin i am using frequently ->
Phone shows incorrect -> 
I have to do master reset after that coz there is no other option to activate manually. 

Maybe its problem in focus mode which stops some apps and in that case password was not recognized. Other hand phone after restarting and after accepting pin phone loaded its all data, os and softwares. In this case i also cant able to use samsung find my mobile. In which i can access this phone. But phone shows offline there Resolve this issue
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you need to do factory reset going to the Samsung customer care. then update to the latest beta version of oneui2.0 through OTA and you can use your phone normally. this new beta comes with the fix for this issue. I did had this problem and got it fixed yesterday.