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“ Get always-on support
at Samsung Members ”

For a device that is always there for you, support is always here.
Samsung offers seamless, trouble-free service
for Galaxy customers with always-on support through
the Samsung Members app and our 24/7 helpline.

Support at your fingertips
< How to Get Help >

Find out how to access ‘Get Help’
and various support features provided for you.

1 Open ‘Samsung Members’ then tap ‘Get Help’

How to Get Help #1
< Phone Care >

Before using our 24/7 service, diagnose
your own Galaxy and optimize performance.

  1. Learn how to keep the device healthy
    with Automatic checks
  2. Test hardware performance,
    such as camera and microphone
  3. Delete unnecessary data and
    optimizing memory performance
  4. Reduce battery consumption
    and speeding up your phone

How to Get Help #2
< Live Chat >

Having trouble finding time to contact our Helpline?
Try using our Live Chat service
for real-time chat support to accommodate your needs!

  1. When you prefer to chat because 
    it is difficult to make a call
  2. When you require tech support
    while device is in use
  3. When you try to solve a problem 
    while receiving Live chat support 

How to Get Help #3
< Remote Support >

If 24/7 Helpline and Live Chat Service didn’t solve your problem,
try using our Remote Support with tech experts on standby
to solve your problems through your own devices.

  1. When you need to check for 
    device settings and various 
    statuses during support
  2. When you seek professional help
    to access your device through
    Remote Support

How to Get Help #4
< Send Feedback >

Feel free to send us any additional questions or feedback.
Be sure to be specific and provide details and
you will receive our response with a push-notification.

  1. When you unable to use
    real-time support,such as Helpline
    and Live Chat Service
  2. When you find a software malfunction
    yet have no time to visit the 
    service center for the check up

How to Get Help #5
< Call customer service >

If there is a problem with your Galaxy,
you can always contact our 24/7 Helpline call customer service,
available from anywhere at any time.

  1. When you need immediate assistance 
    with device-related inquiries

You always have your phone, so we always have your back.
Samsung Members ‘Get Help’!
Select your method and enjoy the seamless,
trouble-free service, now available 24/7!

Go to Get Help

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