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We need Carrier Aggregation and Samsung Pay for a 25k phone

(Topic created on: 4/5/21 9:48 AM)
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  1. I've been using M51 for quite a long time and I bought it almost at 25k when it had got launched. But I got very disappointed when I found out that it doesn't have Samsung Pay and Carrier Aggression support. Although it has NFC so I thought it would get Samsung Pay in next updates but I have got more than 4 updates since I got this phone but no Samsung Pay has been added yet. Samsung Pay was one of the main reasons why I purchased this phone. 2. And the second thing is its network speed that disappoints me. I'm getting very low speed even on 4G mode. I've checked the same SIM with different phones that cost less than M51 and they perform so well, they provide fast network speed. Because even phones with less than 15k price range have Carrier Aggregation Support nowadays. But my Samsung M51 which I had got it for 25k doesn't have CA support despite the fact that its processor supports CA. Should I feel proud of my M51 or feel ashamed of it?  
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