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Samsung Pay
Samsung pay app more behind from other app. Lacks of features in this app like.

1. No option to pay bill with link credit or debit card
2. Support limit bank cards.
3. Lacks of cashback offers.
4. Not supported mastercard and rupay network.
5. Not support all banks cards.

If samsung added this in updates, then it will be good app.

Please like and comment who wants this feature in app.
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Samsung Pay
And also no option to recharge prepaid mobile. There is only option to recharge postpaid.
And im able to add Mastercard, only rupay is the problem.
One more suggestion is that need more wallet link features like phonePe , airtel wallet etc.
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Samsung Pay

There are many features that can be added in Samsung Pay. I believe the reason Samsung has not done these yet is they have not been able to monetize Samsung Pay, at least in India. The uptake is quite less compared to GPay, PhonePe or PayTM. I have hardly seen people using MST to pay via credit card. In most stores, I am the only person who uses his phone whereas people with S20 Ultra are not using that feature.

Nonetheless, this is what I would like to see - option to setup up bill auto-payment with cards + UPI through Samsung Pay. Right now, I have to go to seven separate accounts to link cards with bills. If I could do all of these from the same place in Samsung Pay, I will be happy to do it. Also, NACH mandate setup, so that credit card bill payments can be automated too.