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Samsung Pay's "Pay Planner" is supposed to use SMS and/or it's own feed analysis to produce payment summaries vs allocated budgets. 

Well, after recent updates it can't link payment info received via sms with the correct card, resulting in duplication of cards in the pay planner. You have both card added to Smadung pay and a ghost card created out of the sms received stating this 2and card as "xxxx" card, where xxxx stands for the last 4 digits of the same card you added to the Samsung pay. 

Now, you either have to allocate budget to the newly created ghost card, or you have to manually edit each transaction in the pay planner, to allocate it to the card added to samsung pay (its orginal record).

Samsung, please stop breaking what has worked well. You make services and products worse, not better. This trend is clearly a problem for the last year or so.