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Samsung Pay Card Registration issues with ENBD

(Topic created on: 10-10-2019 06:19 PM)
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Samsung Pay
Have faced 2 times issues with registration of ENBD cards in Samsung Pay. Replaced my Galaxy Watch with Watch Active2. Tried to import cards, which continued to work fine on my Note 10+. Got issue with the debit card, had to call bank. 

As my new watch has been nothing but trouble, dowcahring overnight from 100% to 0%, had to reset it.

After reset, I had to reactivate Samsung Pay. Now stuck at the card verification, getting "registration denied" issue. 

Called ENBD, they said the issue was supposed to be fixed, but Samsung Pay has had technical issues for some time. 

Now my request is awaiting 24h deadline to be resolved. 

I am getting tired of Samsung issues lately. Will check with the bank how easy Apple Pay is to handle.

If my issue is not resolved most likely will switch to iPhone 11 pro and Apple watch 5th series. 

Samsung, please stop releasing half baked flops like Samsung Fold and pay attention to the devices and services constituting your main line of business. Or you will be soon loosing more than the 56% income drop you lately reported for the mobile sector.