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[SOLVED] Samsung Pay Not Working On Galaxy Watch.

(Topic created on: 09-25-2018 01:20 AM)
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Samsung Pay
Today it worked by itself, i accessed it and it logged in. I didn't see any samsung pay or gear updates on my phone from Google store, other apps were updated, maybe it had something related to those. I will check if something in the Samsung store was updated, it couldn't be that it worked all by itself. 

Started the feature on the watch, got the alert to install the plug in on my watch.
After that was done, i press and hold the back on the watch, follow the instructions, nothing happens on the phone. If I try to open the app from the gear application on the phone it hangs.
Phone and watch restarted still the same, uninstalled the plug in, reinstalled again, forced stop then on again.
I will not reset the watch nor the gear on my phone, i have 2 watches connected.

Anyone facing the same?