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Dual messenger media missing my phone Samsung galaxy ultra s21 512gb

(Topic created on: 06-21-2021 08:39 PM)
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My dual messenger whatsapp media missing from one month it doesn't shows in gallery even not in my files I had followed all the steps recommended by Samsung care 
1 I had formated my phone 
Then also the same issue is there with my phone 
2 I had uninstalled the dual messenger 
And installed the backup but at the time of restoring it appears in the gallery but after restoring backup it dissappear from gallery and my files 
3 Samsung customer care ask me to wait till the next update but the new update also installed after my complaint then also the same problem appears 

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Yes, everyone will face the same issue with whatsapp dual messenger. This is because of the recent policy changes implemented Samsung and WhatsApp. There isn't exactly any solution.
But to eliminate your problem, do the following steps:

1. Open your cloned whatsapp account->settings->chats->chat backup.
Backup all your messages, photos, videos, docs on your device and your google drive.
Ensure that you remember the credentials of your google account that you're using as backup.

2. Next,open play store and download whatsapp business. Install, add your dual whatsapp phone number, verify your otp. You will get a prompt asking whether you want to restore your content from backup. Select your google account and all your content will be restored on your account after sometime depending upon the size of the backup taken.

3. Lastly, go to settings and disable the option of dual messenger.

Moreover, for viewing images, videos etc. in MyFiles app, go to file manager->Internal storage->Android->media->com.whatsapp
And for wapp business , the file is com.whatsapp.w4b
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I read a few review on WhatsApp business app, alot of users there are facing these issues too, they're figuring it out how to fix it
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Dual messenger whatsapp is not working proper , unable to take picture, or share and photo gallery.
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