So What Exactly is Samsung Pay and How Does it Work?
Samsung Pay is a mobile payments app that comes with high-end and mid-range Samsung phones and allows you to make card payments using your smartphone. 
It makes it convenient as you don’t Have to swipe your card everytime and can be helpful if you forget your card wallet at home ! 

Samsung Pay replaces the need for traditional credit and debit cards by using near-field communication (NFC) and magnetic secure transmission (MST) to process transactions. The use of NFC puts Samsung Pay in line with other mobile payment apps, but it takes ensuring acceptance of payment a step further. The primary difference between Samsung Pay and other contactless payment apps is its use of a unique MST for transactions. In short, when you make a purchase, your device is held against the payment terminal and a magnetic signal mimics the magnetic strip found on your credit or debit card. This major advantage allows Samsung Pay to work with virtually all point-of-sale systems except those requiring a physical card to be inserted into a slot. The seller doesn’t even need to update hardware or opt into a program. This means Samsung Pay will work in stores with older magnetic-strip terminals, making it more accessible than other systems. 


The groundwork for the technology that is Samsung Pay was laid when Samsung acquired LoopPay, a startup from Massachusetts in the United States. LoopBay developed technology which effectively turned ordinary magnetic card readers, which do not have support for “tap-and-go” near field communications (NFC), into contactless card readers. 

What Samsung devices are compatible with Samsung Pay? 
Below is a list of all the Samsung smartphones that currently support Samsung Pay: 
  • Galaxy S20 series 
• Galaxy Note 10 
• Galaxy S10+ 
• Galaxy S10 
• Galaxy S10e 
• Galaxy Note 9 
• Galaxy S9+ 
• Galaxy S9 
• Galaxy Note 8 
• Galaxy S8+ 
• Galaxy S8 
• Galaxy S7 edge 
• Galaxy S7 
• Galaxy S6 edge+ 
• Galaxy S6 edge 
• Galaxy S6 
• Galaxy A70 
• Galaxy A50 
• Galaxy A40 
• Galaxy A20e 
• Galaxy A8 
• Galaxy A6 
• Galaxy A3
• Galaxy A5 (2017) 

How can I add Credit / Debit Cards in Samsung Pay?
• Launch Samsung Pay by swiping up from locked screen or home screen on your phone 
• Scan your card or manually input card details in Samsung Pay 
• Samsung Pay will send an OTP 
• Authenticate with OTP to complete your registration 

Which All banks are supported in Samsung Pay?


How to pay using Samsung Pay?
• Launch Samsung Pay by swiping up from locked screen or home screen. 
• Once Samsung Pay is launched, you will see your card. If you have added more than one card, you may swipe left or right to choose any card for making payment. 
• After selecting the card, you need to authenticate the payment with your fingerprint/Samsung PIN. 
• Place the phone near the card machine and your payment is made. 
• Regular card machine - Place the phone on the side near magstripe reader. You will need to enter your Credit / Debit Card PIN for all payments. 
• NFC / Contactless enabled card machine - Place the Phone on top of the terminal. 
• You can make payments upto Rs. 2,000 without any PIN, for transaction over Rs. 2,000 you will need to place the phone on the side near the magstripe reader and enter your Credit / Debit Card PIN. 

Rewards using Samsung Pay

There are 3 levels 
for qualifying to gold stage make 5 Transactions for qualifying to platinium make 10 Transactions Benifits for each stage 
silver - 10 point per transaction 
gold - 15 points per transaction 
platinium -20 points Transactions 
the minimum amt of transaction is 50 rs. frm the earned points you can buy vouchers

Samsung Rewards is a loyalty programme which allows users of Samsung Pay and Samsung Pay Mini to earn and redeem points for making transactions using Samsung Pay and Samsung Pay mini 

Users will earn points on every qualified transaction, as per the below earning structure. 

Users can only earn for a maximum 15 Transactions per month. The reward stay in balance for a period of 12 months. The rewards  earned can be used to redeem gift cards.

Gift Cards

Samsung Pay can also be used to buy gift cards. These gift cards are powered by Qwikcilver Solutions. They can be bought using the samsung pay rewards which you have earned or by using UPI or debit cards. Gift cards like Amazon GC and Flipkart E-Vouchers are available!

Paying Bills and Recharging using Samsung Pay
Users can also pay Electricity, Telephone, Gas or Water bills using Samsung Pay. By paying using Samsung Pay users get rewards from which could redeem gift cards! Also can be a one stop way to pay all your bills and have a record of all.

Final Verdict
  • Samsung Pay is an exciting concept of payment it is convenient and easy.
  • You can leave your wallet at home.
  • Secured by Knox. So all the card details are Encrypted and Safe.
  • It provides all in one station to pay your bills or to buy gift cards.
  • A head turner! Many people might get surprised with it. Also you many need to convince the shopkeeper or the payment kiosk person to accept it as few people may still not be aware of its working.
  • Samsung Pay should introduce some offers, Cashbacks or collaboration with merchants like restaurants to attract customers to use it.
  • My personal experience with Samsung Pay is Great as I had used it more that 50+ times.

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more correction j7 pro also support full fledged samsung pay
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great review
What about the reward system?
There are 3 levels
for qualifying to gold stage make 5 Transactions
for qualifying to platinium make 10 Transactions

Benifits for each stage
silver - 10 point
gold - 15 points
platinium -20 points

the minimum amt of transaction is 50 rs.

frm the earned points you can buy vouchers
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it often doesn't work.dont trust much failed my 3 transaction and money is deducted.But they refund back my money.
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