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I haven't received my refunds

I ordered a samsung galaxy buds+ for ₹11,990 and I cancelled it due the huge delay in delivery of the product I ordered on 24th june and it said it would be delivered by 15 th of July. Since then I the kind of response I got are from bots very very b...

Wrong product delivered

I have been delivered a **bleep** Vivo phone instead of Samsung Galaxy M21. I registered the compliant against it on 31st May 2020, still there is no progress or update in the investigation. I haven't even received my phone nor my money has been refu...

Refund status

I ordered Samsung mobile and cancelled the same day. For some reasons. I am not refunded till now I cancelled the order on 13 June 2020. When I get refunded. Is it guaranteed. Please clarify if anybody faced the situation.

Non receipt of Tax Invoice

I had purchased refrigerator from online Samsung Store without creating account.I have received the product but not invoice yet. Subsequently on advise of customer care I created account with same e-mail ID, which was used at the time of placing the ...

Posted by: Arijit1
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S20 ultra clear view cover

.maine two s20 ultra clear view cover liye the samsung shop se, jisme se courier mai 1 cover hi aya hai or dusra cover ni aya. iski maine complaint kri samsung email (write to Samsung CEO) pe, koi rply ni aya ... 15 din hogye hai hai is bat ko .ab ky...

Posted by: shivv1
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Samsung pay

I'm unable to redeem points from my end in Samsung pay applications. Facing issue its not showing any option to redeem its completely blank page. Please check and help me as soon as possible.

Freezing of M30s

Why does my mobile Samsung M30s keeps freezing even if I've enough battery, enough space. Also i don't have any such app that will cause such things. Yet the phones automatically freezes and also takes a long time to restart even after holding the po...

Regarding Galaxy M21 Reviews

I purchase Galaxy M21(4/64) Samsung Mobile on 9th June 2020. Due to my mistake, My mobile fell below 60CM my hand. And Display are damage on normal fell down. Samsung show display protection type is Gorilla Glass 3 and give there are many screen test...

انصر دين الله حتى ينصرنا الله أسروهم فكان خيرا لهم وتم لهم الفتح دون مشقة .. نصر

انصر دين الله حتى ينصرنا اللهأسروهم فكان خيرا لهم وتم لهم الفتح دون مشقة .. نصروا دين الله فنصرهم اللهلقد كان الصحابة رضى الله عنهم خير سفير لدين الإسلام ففتحوا البلاد وقلوب العباد للإسلام وحقق الله لهم النصرأثناء فتح قلعة ماردين أسر عبد الله بن غسان...