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Hey guys, its 1st of the month so new together challenge woo! 

One thing... the day isnt over and the person in 1st place gas nearly 200000 steps to their name already!?! A marathon M-A-R-A-T-H-O-N is around 50000 steps, so how on earth i
Has someone walked over 100miles and the day isn't even over. Cray-cray. Well back to my steppin'!

Peace ✌
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Hi, there are two possibilities.
1. he is a **bleep** fitness freak.
2. He got multiple samsung devices.
If he have more than 1 device with SAMSUNG HEALTH installed, step count in each device will be counted. For eg. If he walks 100 steps with 3 samsung devices, total step count will be shown as 300.