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Samsung Health programmes not working.

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Download of workout videos always stops abruptly citing unstable network. Then even if you manage to finish up the download anyhow, the videos never upload. And you've to do with the mere robotic voiceover without the video guide.I deleted all progra...

Posted by: SomiB
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Coronaviruses have started destroying human life. If our Rajiv Dixit had been there today, we might have made his medicine by now. There is no such disease in the world whose medicines they have not made Knowing the special of Ayurvedic I miss them t...

Posted by: Parky
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Could anyone help me.....Mobile data is not working for last 1 month in my M30s...Pls help me as all support from samsung is suspended due to covid19....


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wIFI calling is a best technology in your mobile different area diffrent network but wifi technology help calling time and your sound break problem solve and best HD calling This Time JIO And Airtel Support this technology and new e sim support samsu...

Posted by: YaMuk
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