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battery issue

Posted in: Samsung Health

Recently my mobile (Samsung Galaxy A7 2018) got an update September security patch. When mobile is fully updated i noticed that battery drains fast and it tooks 3 hours to charge the battery completely before update it took 2 hours for full charge. I...

power bank damage

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When charge my phone with Power bank after few hour later damage this power bank, this week same 4 power bank damage for my Samsung s8 plus why? Give me solution

Posted by: bablu07
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samsung health related queries

Posted in: Samsung Health

Use our Samsung health related data and tell us that our progress and activity is good or not. Please tell us our workout which we are doing continuously is healthy for our body or it should be increase ? My suggestion is that use our Samsung health ...

Access is Denied

Posted in: Samsung Health

Hi samsung I started Samsung Helath first Time And it is Saying Access Is Denies Because Unaytharized changes were made in the phone ...... PLZ help Thanks MANAN gupta