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Samsung health isn't responding in my galaxy A51. It's showing access denied.

(Topic created on: 10-08-2022 07:43 AM)
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What should I do?

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Kindly make sure that the device and the app are updated to the last software update.

You may try to clear cache the app, from the settings > apps > samsung health app > storage > clear cache.

If the issue still exists, Please submit an error report to the technical team via Samsung members app > get help page > error reports section.

Choose one of the categories, and type the issue that you're facing to them, but make sure to send your device's logs.

To send the device logs, please follow the below:

Press and hold Samsung members Icon > Then tap on Error reports > Select category of your report > Make sure that "Send Log Data" is selected to help resolve your inquire > Describe your problem in details > Change the frequency to whatever you prefer > Then send it.

For more information regarding, you are welcome to visit our website and watch tutorial sending logs by following the link below: