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Hello all and samsung.

I am a very active person. I play tennis regularly. I love walking and trakcing my progress.
Earlier i was using iphone then i switched to note 10 almost a 2 years now. 

My observation on samsung fit app, it regularly miss the step counting. I have carefully observed and also compared with other fitness bands. Samsung fit app suddently stop counting. i know it will not be upating in ui right away and in background it will be counting. But after almost a 8 to 10 months of monitoring. I have concluded samsung fit misses steps. 
I see, for 1 hr of walking every 5mins fit freezes and then update the steps almost 2 to 5mins later. And during that time it misses half of my steps.

So in 60mins of walking, it is freezing every 5mins so 12 times it freezes for almost 5mins. I complete almost 700 steps but samsung count 400 to 500 steps. So around 200 steps missed by samsung fit. 
So total of 200 × 12 = 2400 which is significant miss.

SAMSUNG needs to do better than this. What a shameful. If such basic thing is not rite i really doubt if i shud be using samsung phone.

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