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Fitness videos have been removed from the Samsung Health app

(Topic created on: 11-19-2021 06:54 PM)
Samsung Health

Samsung appears to have removed the Fitness section from the Samsung Health app on smartphones. This section featured various fitness and workout-related videos and training programs from popular creators like 300FIT, BlessLife, BodyBuilding.com, Echelon, Keep, and Skimble. These videos also appear on the Samsung Health app on the company’s smart TVs.

This change appears to have been made in South Korea right now, and Samsung Health users appear puzzled over the removal of fitness videos. When a user enquired about this change in the Samsung Members forum, an official forum moderator confirmed that the Fitness videos section has been removed but didn’t offer a reason for the change. Last year, Samsung had also removed caffeine, food, and weight tracking from its app.


The moderator recommended users to follow 300FIT and BlessLife’s videos on their respective YouTube channels instead. We can still see the Fitness section on the Samsung Health app (version on our smartphones, though, so not all markets may have received this change.

The South Korean tech giant has been improving Samsung Health over the years by adding new features every year. However, the removal of fitness videos from the app without any explanation behind the move has puzzled a lot of users.

Do you watch fitness videos on the Samsung Health app? And can you still see those videos on your smartphone? Let us know in the comments section below.