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F62 requires software update for better camera & carrier aggregation

(Topic created on: 05-12-2021 09:03 AM)
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Hey I am using F62 and what i feel is its camera is far weak than M51 and so is performace whereas it has a good chipset also carrier aggregation is missing which is a must present option these days!!
You can solve it by just providing a software update in india or globaly to fix that issue ..

I hope you are listening and solve this issue asap..

Pls dont disappoint us..
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Provide feedback to samsung developers via feedback section, they need a minimum no. Of feedback for individual users to add a premium feature.
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Yes facing camera issue in low light no clear photos at all
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yes, Samsung is growing with its technology but they need to also improve the basic camera facility. It is getting deteriorated day by day hence making it very difficult for customers to look out for it as an amazing brand. 

Like I have an e-commerce business and need amazing picture quality I got myself a Samsung taking the features and cost into consideration but the overall quality of images are so low that I had to buy a new camera for myself. 

Basic banking transaction is also getting impacted, I hope they make changes to it ASAP.