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A32 erros

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I'm working as a manager for IT section and I'm the responsible person to purchase mobile phones for the employees every 3 years. Initially, we purchased "Samsung Galaxy S Duos " and those worked fine for 3 years. After that we purchased 3 models of OPPO mobiles for different levels of employees and those worked fine for 3 years.

However, recently we purchased 3 models of Samsung mobiles for differant levels of employees. They are A12, A21s and A32. Altogether we purchased 28 mobile phobes to the company.

We attended to update and charged initially for all mobiles. But, It was observed very bad experiences with the A32 mobiles. 4 users reported the "Mobile Freezed and unresponsive" issue among 9. 2 users reported the Camera App issue. I also experienced this. I guess this is a very bad product. I hate this A32. This troubles my easy life.

I showed one of these devices to our local agent (Softlogic, Sri Lanka). They updated and returned again that trouble to me. We spent a big amount on these 28 units. Also, we need to purchase another 4 units recently. I can't recommend Samsung furthermore. How we bear this type of trouble between the very short period after purchasing. How do I report this type of issue directly to the relevant managers of Samsung?

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Yes sir. You can complain this issues to samsung. You should go to the error reports tab in this application then you can send a error report to the samsung about your issue then they will reply about 2 or 3 days after.
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