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One UI2.5 in India

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Wireless dex is finally here.Received the OTA update for my s20 plus. It includes the wireless DeXAnd many other features

Wireless Samsung Dex

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Wireless Samsung Dex feature should be made available on Galaxy S20 series too. It has been showcased in Note20. I have a S20+ and feel that wireless dex is definitely more convenient to use than the current version.Is there a planned software update...

Wireless DeX

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SAMSUNG NOTE20 So everyone now know samsung note 20 comes with lot of features including wireless DeX. Which is actually pretty great move.But will the SAMSUNG S20 SERIES Get Wireless DeX? Will it be done over any software update? In the upcoming mon...

about next dex

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Most probably, with the launch of note 20 Samsung may introduce wireless dex

Issue with Samsung Dex on Samsung s9

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HiHaving issue with Samsung Dex software on samsung s9 despite having all the latest softwares .1.Latest UI.2.Latest Android .3.Compatible windows version as per website.4.Latest samsung dex software from the above mentioned urlAll...

how to use phone as Trackpad in Dex?

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As shown in guides option to use phone screen as trackpad will be the there in notification bar but it isn't there.Is it because I am using normal USB-B to USB-C cable to connect to laptop?Do I need HDMI cable to use phone as touchpad.Kindly suggest

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Office apps on Samsung Dex

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There was a concern that people weren't able to edit documents while using Dex mode. Office apps asks to get a Office 365 subscription in order to let us edit documents. I raised this concern with Samsung and I've been advised to use "Hancom office" ...