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Dex isn't working Resolved!

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I am using a Galaxy S9+ (Exynos variant). I downloaded the windows 10 Dex app and installed it. But when i plug in my device, the app just sits there waiting to see my device being plugged into the pc. The dex app page shows red exclamation marks on ...

Posted by: Khurshd
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Is Samsung A50 supports dex ?

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I'm randomly searching for some new features in my A50 & accidentally jumped into above page.😂But It gave me hope that A50 started supporting dex. Please 🥺 tell me about it....

Posted by: rupsss
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DEX for Note 10 Lite

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Dear Samsung,Note 10 lite is not a cheap phone by any means. I request Samsung on behalf of all the note 10 lite users to provide wireless DEX in upcoming updates. I know we can't have wired DEX as we dont have USB 3 but we can surely have wireless D...


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So everyone got hands on new one ui 2.5 update today. Everyone was excited for this update but those waiting for wireless DeX there's a cache................1.If you hv FHD TV it will work fine on wireless connection but 2.for a 4K TV you need a 5Ghz...

Posted by: rajan88
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When I connect my Samsung Galaxy A50 mobile with my windows 10 pc, and use the Smart View feature in my phone, a window like Samsung dex appears but i can't control or press anything with mouse, with keyboard i can open the apps or close. What proble...

Wireless DeX/ One UI2.5

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Wireless DeX is finally out.Tried the new Wireless DeX option on my s20 plus connected to Sony bravia. No hassles Phone was perfectly good. I used it for like 45 mins. No overheating issues.Only difficulty was using the phone as TouchPad. Couldn't ge...