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Samsung launched unbelievable Things

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Hey guys, Now in present days SAMSUNG launched most useful & incredible things For Us. And mainly for Blind people. It make easily life and help to enjoy. All the family in whole world is happy with SAMSUNG to provide better.About..... Samsung Good V...


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Hi sir can you please give an update with samsung dex feature please.#teamgalaxy Thankyou We Love you samsung Forever

Showing protected data in dex.

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So I recently tried Dex, and it worked beautifully. However I noticed it blacked out protected screens like incognito modes, protected accounts and other such stuff. Is there no way to view these screens on Dex?

Posted by: Assidd
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camera problem

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Recent i have brought samsung galaxy A50.But it,s camera quality is too low and picture quality is not good at all..Now what should i do.I am facing this problem after updating my phone.