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its a good thing that samsung is helpfull a lot for me to do many from my perosonal laptop to do anything. But onething i wish to raise is "Why do we need plugs ,wires and cables to connect dex in any devices? " Ohk some do need like tv and projector needed the most to watch a movie its good. But still carring that many cables  to connect is too much. 

Like whatsapp messenger just do to website or download their software to scan the barcode on the laptop or pc which the viewer can see his or her messages from any where. How about like that for DEX to just scan the barcode insert pin or pattern  for secutiryt to open and do your thing. 

There is no need to plug for all to connect dex. Just it needs like scan barcode and check your mails and all with support of net. Just think to access everywhere  even at your home or office laptop or pc it can work. 

This can help people to save  money and penny to spend for unwanted plug, wires and cables 
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Thanks for the suggestion. We look forward to improve in the future. For now, we offer you Dex to allow you to do the tasks/features it offers