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How to Keep your Samsung in Healthy Performance

(Topic created on: 06-09-2020 10:25 AM)
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Samsung Care+
Our devices are constantly in use but to get the best out of them, there are a few things to consider.

1. Before you go to bed everyday, switch your device over to Me Time on your quick search bar.

This will save your battery life, optimize performance on the background and help give your device some rest.

2. Clear all unused apps on recent apps panel. This will save you data, battery life and optimize performance.

3. Only charge your battery when the battery level is 15% and below. This will help your battery to cool down during charge and help keep the battery cells healthy for a prolonged period of time. Always use an original charger and never swap chargers as this may damage your charging pins

4. Do not rest your phone by the camera back. This will help avoid scratches or things getting stuck on your camera glass which may mess up your camera glass or ruin its clear glass 

5. Do not normalize connecting your device to other devices or external devices. Continuous use of device connecting to external devices may damage your phone over time. This can be witnessed by bad files being copied, files that are not supported by your phone, data transfer may cause device malfunctioning and worst of all, the device may be incorrectly ejected causing a serious problem. In case of file and data transfer, use online platforms like one drive, file converters and much more safer means online. 

Download apps that do not contain Ads. Apps that contain Ads are very much likely to control your device and bug them with continuous ads while the device has internet connectivity, be it Wi-Fi or mobile data. Opt for paid apps, they safe and secure, plus they don't keep pushing ads on your device while sniffing your data too. 

Will post more tips later today