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Disappointment After Disappointment

(Topic created on: 12-05-2021 06:16 AM)
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Samsung Care+
Lately it's just disappointment after disappointment with Samsung for me. The most recent being that when I called the support centre for assistance because I wanted to know how to redeem the care+ service, I was told I was supposed to have registered it myself within the first 30 days of my purchase.

When I purchased my Tab S7+ online, it came with a free care+ and I thought the fact that it was part of the deal meant I was safe. I only received an invoice of my purchase and nothing else. I wasn't told that I needed to register for it to work.

 The Samsung support agent I spoke to said the details for care+ is all on their website, but do I really have to read the entire website to know everything? This information should have been included in an information pack to me after my purchase, but there was nothing. The agent also said I should have seen the care+ information on here the Samsung Members app, but this app has never really shown me any of the things it's supposedly supposed to do.

Example, when I first purchased a fridge last year during the buy and get promotion, I was told that my voucher would appear in my vouchers section of this app, but it never did, even after I registered it here. And by the way I even registered the tablet on here, but nothing about care+ ever showed up.

Anyway another disappointing experience. It's getting to where I'm not surprised anymore.
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Samsung Care+
How do I redeem the promised Tablet when I purchased an S21?
Samsung Care+
Only lord knows. I'm here again because I purchased a device and need to claim my tablet too.