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Samsung disappointed.

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1 Beta update problems are not fixed and feedback is not replied properly.2 Struggling to keep up the stable update schedule.3 Only giving 2 major updates to it's phones. Since Google, OnePlus gives 3 and ios 14 coming to all ios 13 iPhone's. That's ...

Battery drain

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Battery is running out very soon. Battery performance is very bad. Going to charge three times in a day. Please solve this problem.

Posted by: vaku
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Poor RAM management in S9

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I stopped notification accessDisabled the location accessAt in developer mode I set the 'Close the running services once the user leaves it'I didn't store any in intternal storage much.No background services. But am still facing ram issues!Literally ...

Moisture Detected in S9

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Whenever (Say daily) my phone's battery reached to 20%, suddenly i got switched off and on connecting charger in type c port Displays " Moisture Detected". After drying the port 3 hours by mean of dryer it doesn't short out. Afterthat i charge it wit...

Stable update was pre-poned and now post-poned

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At 1st schedule for Android 10 stable update was in March. preponed to January and now back to march again . They aren't even treating it in the league of budget phones.They should solve the problems in beta but also try to keep up to the schedule. S...

Security Check Fail For Apps

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In particular to the McDonald's app.McDonald's app is failing security check by Google playstore, i know this is beta but can Samsung provide a way for the security check for apps like these. Also tried installing it from galaxy store and same proble...

Android 11 / R announcement in may

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Google event May 12 and May 14, 2020Reports suggest that the annual developer event of Google will witness some significant announcements including latest Pixel phones and the much-anticipated Android 11 OS releaseBut stable android 10 for Samsung S9...

One ui 2.0 (android 10) battery Life S9 plus

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95 % to 1 % Standby Time - 21:30 hours Screen on time 4 hr 30 minIf you are using stock launcher and charged it to 100 % you will easily get 5 hrs of screen on time and 20+ hours of standbyThis not great battery life but Definitely enough for one day...

calculator size

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The calculator size looks bizarre (screenshot). Of course I have changed the min width in Dev options but. Resizing it affects the size of app icons.