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worst beta program ever

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Now samsung is going to shut down beta program and releasing a pre official stable for beta users. After this update we won't be able to see reviews and post reviews. Basically Samsung is going to throw out us from beta community because Samsung can'...

Battery issue getting worse day by day

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Post beta update, seems battery is getting degraded day by day. Its a new 3 months old phone. And standby time is horrifying. Yesterday night (11.30pm)after full charge (which usually I keep beteeen 80 to 95 percent), Morning at 7.30pm checked, batte...

Posted by: SamPro
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After 4th Beta i am seeing PUBG mobile game is lagging so much than before. Camera quality is drastically decreased.

Posted by: Siva117
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Beta 4 update

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So Samsung just wants us to change the phone to different company or to the 10 series of galaxy devices. They put out the beta updates that contained some cool features and upgrades that are removed as we are close to the official release..At first t...