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Poor RAM management in S9

(Topic created on: 01-27-2020 09:24 AM)
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I stopped notification access
Disabled the location access
At in developer mode I set the 'Close the running services once the user leaves it'
I didn't store any in intternal storage much.
No background



But am still facing ram issues!
Literally hating to use the S9 nowadays 
Guyz U can see my network coverage on Jio its in one point!
But in my sisters phone its 4points full coverage! Here no network issue 
But am getting low signal here!
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What ram issue? On android ram is supposed to be full or close to full all the time, that's how the OS is designed. Free ram is wasted ram.

Plus on android you aren't supposed to close apps all the time since the app needs to be opened again and again instead of most of it staying in the ram ie the way you are running your device you'll lose more battery and get worse performance.

As for your signal issue is your sister getting lte+ like you or lte? It could depend on what tower you are connecting to. Search and select yours manually and see if there's a difference. Plus why does it matter if it's showing you 1 bar or 4? Is your net working? Can you make calls?