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where screen rotation icon?

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There used to be a screen rotation icon at the bottom right corner which used to appear when the screen is rotated to manually rotate the screen. I am not talking about the quick tile from notification shade.

Posted by: RoshK
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is night mode working fine??

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Hi guys,I tried out the night mode in a low lit room and the results I got was too bad. Here is some of themI am pretty sure that this was not how it worked before. The quality of the image was a lot better during Android Pie before the upgrade. Is t...

Posted by: Blastaz
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Please provide raw camera mode also for front and telephoto lens.We deserve this ,even Xiaomi is giving it in K20pro without rooting.

Posted by: tgko
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Is this happening to just me ???? Plz Read

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The Animations of collapsing and reappearing Notifications from AOD to lockscreen and Lockscreen to AOD Is laggy for everybody right ??????Or I'll have to reset my device again You understand? When we turn screen off it goes to aod with notification ...

Posted by: Lokesh1
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