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Why my Note 20 Ultra 5g doesn't supports 90fps while playing games like pubg, asphalt, cod, etc.

Posted by: DĶ
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Issue on Sim 1

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Issue with Sim 1 like call dropping, connecting issue,no voice on other end even when my Sim has full Signal. This happens indoor as well as outdoor.This happens every day with the addition of Google voice commanding my phone automatically. I don't k...

Posted by: aashaq
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call hanging

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When iam on a whatsapp voice call and at the same time if iam receiving a normal voice call the phone is unable to accept the normal call. Iam not able to prevent myself from getting upset in that situation. I request the honourable beta developing c...


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As and when we receive the android 11 update, should I reset the phone, then update or should I update, then reset the phone?

google assistant problem

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I was using buds live. I was fine with my calls by long tap my buds live to wake google to call any person even the phone is locked. But past three days am facing the issue that i cant able to call anyone without unlocking the phone. If i wake google...

Posted by: kumik
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quick setting pannel

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Seems samsung now have introduces the swipe gestures exactly like ios. Swiping down from the top of the screen (right side of the camera hole) is bringing down the quick setting pannel directly instead of the notification pannel. And to get the notif...