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One Ui 3.0 big problem on Note 10 plus

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Hello OneUi was uploaded a few days ago, maybe 7 or 10 Yesterday my phone just stopped logging into OneUI. I didn't download anything, I wanted to turn on the phone and log in with my fingerprints and couldn't do it. Now the phone displays the "Launc...


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This is my first time being in beta , I have a doubt that do i need to rollback to 2.5 for the official 3.0 or do i will get the office 3.0 update in beta version also

Battery Issues

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Is it just me or have battery issues increased for everyone? My phone seems to be drinking batyery like a best. Its not even lasting through a day. Heck, its not ven lasting till 3 pm.


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No news for final beta update for note10 plus in india? why Germans gets the beta first always?Why no other country first?Yaa it's partiality.Waiting for final UPDATE.Never ever gonna join the beta again.Explanation required?plz

Posted by: rajan88
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stable update rollout

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HiUsually stable update rolls out to beta tester before it is released for public but why in case of note10 beta testers have been forgotten ? And always new updates rolls out first in Germany ? Why is it so ? Is there any criteria for selecting Germ...

Posted by: vatsa24
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How much is OneUI3.0v3 ready?

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It's seems Samsung wants to do it all once and for all which is not possible unless beta testers report the issue is in the next build. If beta testers won't get updated after every little progress what is the purpose of beta program this time.