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Note 9-
Always have been a fan of the Note series. Have been using the S3, S6 edge then the S8.... Finally bought the note 9 after this. You understand the true meaning of a flagship device when you use this phone. It has the best camera available in the market, good updates & improvements. 
The phone is a delight! 

Galaxy wear-
1 gearfit- Gear fit 2 & Gear sport - 
Have been using the Galaxy fit forst generation... Then the Galaxy fit 2 watch and now the Gear sport that I recieved with the Note 9. 
They provide excellent workout data. I use it to record all my workouts, sleep as well as my heart rate. Excellent devices! 

Icon x-
One of the coolest devices that I have bought in my life. It's been amazing to use for my jogs & keeps good tracking info... Only issue I found was with the weight of them... They feel heavy after half an hour of use, but fitting so much technology into such a device is really a technology first. 
Would love to try out the new Galaxy buds! 

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