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Samsung Phones With In-display Camera.

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Samsung, as per a report by GSMArena, held a press conference on 18 October in Shenzen China called the '2018 OLED Forum'. In this conference, Samsung said that it is working on a new type of technology called as UPS which is said to integrate the fr...

My Samsung Journey!

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I'm Nikhil Nayak, a tech geek who loves to be at the cutting edge of new technology and always keeps reading about latest tech trends. This is my Samsung story.I've been a Samsung fan since as far as I can remember.My journey with Samsung started way...

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Hey guys.I'm a Beatboxer, you know what does it mean right?I create music without any instruments.You make sounds with the help of your mouth and throat.We beatboxers don't break heart, we break speakers :PAny other beatboxers here?Have been performi...

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Hey guys... glad to see you people back once again. so the pic you guys are seeing below is the world tallest flagpole located in KSA. i am really thankful to SAMSUNG for granting me a great chance to develop my skills. fun fact.. the 1st phone i had...

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Samsung gear 4 offer details

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I have bought my Samsung note 9 bill dated 18th September, activated on 24th September. Now the Samsung team is not letting me avail the offer because I bought it 2 days before their offer period ?? This is my first Samsung device and the way custome...

Task 1

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My name is Bipin and I have been a great fan of Samsung devices , not just smartphones but their appliances too. Not only do they look the most premium devices out there but also way ahead of its competitors in terms of design and features.I like pla...

Samsung gear S3 frontier

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I bought this watch in New york and the experience with it so far is really good...i didn't expect much from the watch but after using it, it has changed my perception about smart watch.It is very reliable and user friendly😍 and now I can't go anywh...