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Samsung Members Customer Service Feature

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We continue to thank you for your loyalty with Samsung products. To further enhance your overall experience, the customer service feature of Samsung Members has been improved. The following features are available for your customer service needs:1. Re...

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Ooread is an Arabic book designed to teach reading Arabic language in an easy and friendly way. It is supported by soundtracks and can be used by all ages who desire to learn the language. Young Arabs can also use it when they start learning how to r...

Posted by: Gracie
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Fingerprint Gestures

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The Samsung Galaxy A20 arrives with a traditional fingerprint sensor located at its rear. Separately from using it for locking/unlocking the handset, you can also use it for quickly expanding the notification panel. The feature is disabled by default...

Posted by: zislam
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coupons availability

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Hi guyss.The coupon available on this apps are many,but seems like all are based on uae as it is based on aed.can i use it outside uae too.what about in india and bahrain.plz help.

Posted by: Josu99
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Benefits Section Voucher Resolved!

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Just a clarification. If your phone is not one of the models mentioned there, it means you can't use the voucher? All the models indicated there are the 10series (S10,S10+). I have a Note9 and if only those models can claim, why bother to show such v...

Facebook Marketing

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Learn Facebook Marketing to attract new clients for your business. Go to YouTube search #shehzadqureshionline and learn the easy way to get clients around the world.