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Samsung Members Customer Service Feature

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We continue to thank you for your loyalty with Samsung products. To further enhance your overall experience, the customer service feature of Samsung Members has been improved. The following features are available for your customer service needs:1. Re...

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Note9 benefits

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The vouchers provided in Samsumg members account, mention prices all in AED does it mean these benefits are available only for UAE or are they redeemable in Oman?? Since I bought mobile in Oman shouldn't it be OMR?

The Meet Up Fun

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I attended the Samsung Meetup that was held at the Cafe max. It was the first time i attended something like this and it was an awesome experience. We got lot of coupons! who doesn't like free gifts? After the amazing interactive session, we all went...

Samsung rolling out Android 9.0 Pie beta

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Samsung has started rolling out a beta version of the One UI update to this year’s early flagship devices. The update brings with it a redesigned UI built on top of Google’s latest Android 9.0 Pie interface and is currently being rolled out to Galaxy...

Posted by: ishimo
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The walking dead

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The walking dead is the best game we ever played on any mobile device. It is award winning title, well known for its storyline and gameplay.

حقيقة خصم ٣٠% على كلير ترب

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للأسف هو كلام غير حقيقي فالاسعار أعلى من الواقع ومع تطبيق الخصم تصبح بعضها نفس ما تقدمه الشركلا الطيران على موقعها الإلكترونيفكود خصم ٣٠% فعليا هو كذب وغير حقيقي وموقع وي جو يقدم خصم افضل منه بكثيرصدقاً استغرب من سامسونج استغباء عملاءها لهذه الدرجةفإ...


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Used apple before and would honestly say that the amount of features in Samsung are definitely more expansive however you need to be well versed in the current technology to make full use out of your phone. Though not as user friendly as an iPhone, S...