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Takealot deals with dodgy Suppliers

(Topic created on: 04-23-2023 04:37 AM)
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I have learnt my lesson once and for all. I have a note 10 plus in mint condition. Plastic still on it. I bought a S23 Ultra dual sim and esim 512 gb rom and 12 gb ram. Their suppliers claimed the tablet before I bought it and now I dont qualify for tge trade in and no tablet. I bought the phone cash and I want to send it back for refund so I can rather buy from samsung.

I will never ever fall for takealots dodgy cheap cell phones and they still continue dealing with these thieves. They are going to take for ever and cause me to lose out on my trade in. I will never get R10k for my note 10 plus anywhere just because the prices has gone down so much.

Thumbs down, be safe and buy from Samsung