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Samsung announced the release date for Galaxy Fold

(Topic created on: 07-27-2019 06:22 PM)
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So, I started to hear these excuses from Samsung, like "we are trying to fix it, we will change the hinge and stuff", and wonder if it'll ever come to be. I knew that it was gonna take up to approximately 60 days and now it turns out that Samsung officially announced the release date. They were not lying, assuming they stick to this date, and made the product commercially available. It will be released in September, but a specific date is not available yet.

First off,  Samsung changed the way how the hinge looks. So the reason for them putting that rubberized plug on the top and bottom hinges was to prevent the dust or some small particles to get in there, as it eventually led to a bulge in the display and then a malfunctioning display when it was open before.

The second major change was around the cover on the screen, or screen protector, which people wanted to peel it off and it turned out that it was a critical component of the display and taking it off led the screen not working properly. So now Samsung covered the front and the back of the device, leaving no edge to peel off.