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S22 fast charging 65W charger

(Topic created on: 07-15-2021 09:17 AM)
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Here’s why the Galaxy S22 series is unlikely to support 65W fast charging

Although the Galaxy S22 launch is quite some time off, rumours about the 2022-bound flagship have already started to emerge online. Now, renowned Weibo leaker Ice Universe (via MyFixGuide) has chimed in stating that the Galaxy S22 series will support 65W fast charging.

While that seems like a logical step up from the existing 45W solution offered by current-generation Samsung hardware, it is unlikely that Samsung will take the plunge just yet.

Will the Galaxy S22 really support bonkers fast charging?
Currently, only a handful of high-end Samsung smartphones, such as the Galaxy S20 Ultra let users charge their batteries at 45W. For most of the Galaxy lineup, 25W is as high as it gets, which is significantly lower than charging solutions offered by competitors such as Xiaomi and Realme, who have no qualms bumping up their wattages to 65W.

Our tests indicate that using a 45W charger only saves you a few minutes, at best, compared to a 25W brick. The returns get even more diminishing once you up the wattage, and all you get in return is rapid battery degradation due to the copious amounts of heat generated during the process.

Besides, the Exynos 2200 SoC rumoured to power the Galaxy S22 is expected to run an AMD mRDNA-based GPU. That is a scorcher in itself and the last thing Samsung needs is the battery piling on more heat to the alleged vapour chamber cooling mechanism.

Therefore, Samsung will stick to its guns by restricting its premium smartphone lineup’s battery charging capacity to 45W, at most. Besides, it hasn’t been that long since the Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco. If there’s one part of the smartphone where Samsung wouldn’t mind staying behind the ‘industry’ standard, it’s the battery.