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R4000 e-voucher from Vodacom

(Topic created on: 08-25-2020 03:02 PM)
Beginner Level 2
Hi I recieved my galaxy note 20 ultra today that I pre ordered from Vodacom can you please assist me on how to redeem the voucher, I do not have a voucher number but would like to redeem it. Please assist. When I go to the link I saw on another forum it said I have to select the product which I did but when I went to check out it wanted to charge the figure to my credit card.
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Active Level 3
Hi, scroll to the bottom of the main screen on this app. You will see 'Benefits' and the banner with the Note20 will be there. Click on it and follow the form the submit. However I am not sure if you can still claim, there was a cut off for the submission as only the 1st 6000 people who purchased the Note20/Ultra could claim.