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I really don't have any complains about my A71 especially after the latest update. I am really satisfied with the normal daily usages. 
But some changes can be made...
1. The Samsung free should be replaced by Google as that is more useful and provides us news and information relevant to our choices and is very convenient.
2. The camera is very good but in video HDR capabilities should be added with 4K 30fps video recording. This should also be done in the front camera. As a result the video becomes cleaner.
Night mode video feature also must be added as it is proving very important nowadays.
3. Also games like COD should be optimised as the game crashes atleast once while playing. In the time of restarting my game I find myself dead.......
Which is very very very frustrating!! Also a lot of frame drops are found while playing this game.
This was going on since Android 11 and I thought that I would overcome this by a software update. But no!! Samsung, pls optimise this particular game thoroughly!! It is annoying!!

Samsung, for now just this much.... out of my whole experience I only found these for now.
In other things Samsung really rocks and stands out than the other cheap brands!! I hope that these changes will be done🙏🙏

Other people reading this pls comment what u find that should be improved...pls comment.