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Hello guys,

I had purchased this A7 2018 device in Feb, this year,
Just before the launch of new A series smartphones, (I didn't know that)
I used to regret my choice and blamed myself if I could wait for more time, but I was wrong.
I am not saying that new A series is not an upgrade line for old A series, but my A7 2018 is not an old because of just an low grade chipset and a bezels on screen.
I am even quite used of it, but it feels more handy and comfortable when it comes for long hand time.
I have even compared my device with the all new realme x (it has a powerful processor)
But I didn't feel much difference in day to day use.
Which makes me more proud of my device (and of course Samsung).


Anyone else has a great experience with Samsung's A series line up.
Comment below 👇