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Don’t Miss out. Use your R2 000 voucher on these amazing products at Samsung.

(Topic created on: 04-04-2023 08:08 PM)
Beginner Level 2
So I received this mail today re having purchased an S23Ultra, however am not able to find where to claim said voucher. Have looked in rewards, and through the banners on members and not finding anything. Any advice would be appreciated, since the 50% off tablet cover code didn't work either when it was offered.
Same here. Got the email yesterday. Then today I received another email stating that the email from yesterday was in error and that it didn't include the qualifying criteria for the voucher. The email stated that I needed to have registered for the voucher before March 14th. I purchased my device in Feb.

Why did I only receive this notification email more than a month after my purchase? The email also simply says to come to the Members app and complete a form. Where you are to find the form...🤷 lord only knows.

Then a few minutes later I received another email asking me to register for the Online Store Loyalty reward of R2000. I followed the link and registered. Why couldn't they have sent me all these emails in Feb or before the expiry?