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Did not receive Samsung R2000 Voucher

(Topic created on: 04-13-2023 01:43 PM)
Beginner Level 2
I applied for a R2000 promotional in-store voucher as per an email I received. I complied with all the requirements and bought my Samsung S23 Ultra within the correct time period. 

Then received an email so say that the email had "erroneous dates" on and that I am not eligible for the voucher.

I'm very disappointed with Samsung and find it very unprofessional.

I want to escalate this to the right departments or institutes to resolve.
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Sorry to tell you that you must give up. I received same email only mine came more than a month after I had purchased my device and I received another one the next day saying it was in error.

Even lodged a complaint on Hello Peter and contacted the Samsung CEO office for assistance. Didn't get anywhere. I've asked for the entire transaction to be cancelled and although my devices have been returned since March 27th, I'm still waiting for my refund.