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30x30 house plan with #interior #2020 | east facing | #CarParking | #urdu/#hindi

(Topic created on: 01-26-2021 11:43 PM)
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?sub_confirmation=1 30x30 house plan with #interior #2020 | east facing | #CarParking | #urdu/#hindi | #PropertyPlans 30x30 house plan with interior, east facing with car parking and bike parking in urdu/hindi by #PropertyPlans In this video we will see #30X30 #house #plan, its measurements, Doors and windows placement. This 30*30 house design has the most beautiful front elevation and comparatively less expensive. We will also watch the placement of necessary interior designing items like Car, bike, Sofa Set, Bed in Bedroom, cardboard, wardrobe, cabins, TV/LCD placement, commode and shower cabin, Kitchen stove/burner, kitchen cabinets, sink, oven etc. A beautiful 3D walkthrough is of this 30 X 30 House Plan is awaiting you. 3D House Details: 1. 2 Bedrooms 2. Living Room 3. Kitchen 4. Car porch with separate Bike parking 5. Washroom 6. Bathroom 7. Separate Stairs case I hope, this video will educate you. Thanks for watching.