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wishlist for new updates

(Topic created on: 06-13-2017 07:27 PM)
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Now Samsung's competitor Apple rollout IOS 11 updates and after I closely see it, I found 100+ new things and all of them impressed me, everything is become more improved. but I am still be the Samsung fanboy So I decided to suggesting you some new features, bugs to make Samsung Experience Interface more impressive.

1》Release updates more frequently. Its been years and still using old marshmallow, release Nougat update as soon as possible for A5 2017 and other important software updates to other devices too.

2》Add online lyrics syncing in Samsung music app. Take a look at musixmatch app. In this app who so ever song is playing its lyrics automatically shown.

3》 A notification sound when battery fully charged because some times phone we plugin charger at night as we fall into sleep phone continues getting power this might become dangerous. so a different notification sounds very helpful.

4》Samsung should add 3D touch / force touch feature not just in S8 home button it must be available to other areas too.

5》Assistant menu need improvements. basically make it more eye catching. It is very useful feature when my lock button broke I used assistant menu for a year and I just found that if we comparison with Apple assistant touch than Apple win, because of its UI, animations and other features. Enhance/improve Assistant Menu.

6》Make Samsung Experience Interface more 3D, add depth and layers into it. Make SEI more beautiful and eye catching.

7》Status bar icons should be colourful like it used to be in Jelly bean touchwiz. look different, cool and provides good visual.

8》live battery icon, when battery fully charged its colour should be green and as it get low its colour start turning yellow and than near 20% it should be red and under 15% it must start blinking to grabe user attention.

9》Samsung must give us call recording feature bundle with SEI(Samsung Experience Interface) in calling screen.

10》A option to restore recent used apps when they all closed accidentally. or change the position of CLOSE ALL button somewhere else I often accidentally click on it.

11》Enhance AOD, when new notification came it's icon on AOD should blinking or bouncing with selected period of time. it will be very helpful to grab user attention.
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you are right 100% 👌
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every one see this share and repost so samsung can see this
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Agree....Samsung please note!
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Samsung please act upon
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That's clear.✔