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I have been a regular user of samsung pay. In india  i wanted to share few areas that can be looked at improving 

1.bill payments .. currently if u make any bill payments , it will remember the same thing in next bill cycle and get the bill enabling u to just make the payment . One constraint i noticed is that billowy is possible only from ur upi id configured and not from credit cards .. if this can be supported we can overcome some of the limitations thru you(10000 limit  doesn't allow me to make the electricity payment when the bill comes for 11000)

2) many online payment gateway started accepting payzapp based card payment .. why is samsung pay not listed there . It would be a gr8 thing If I can make my utility payments to amazon /flip cart /big basket to traffic. Fine from the same phone ..

3) passbook feature .. heard it is available in some countries .. if this is enabled in india i can store all my online /airline membership cards / lounge memberships  which will make my travel more easy..
4.if passbook can store all my travel related documents like flight tickets , boarding passes , hotel reservations , train reservations in secured way and help me to transact thru travel it will be s great help

5. Ability to store id documents like passport /aadhar card /.. car title, insurance papers , medical id card and reports ..
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Please share this in Innovation lab. the innovation lab week 3 is now open.
thanks .. just now I gone thru the announcement .. samsungpay was in week 1.. still i done the #tag for innovation lab