Now a day many of us watch Netflix and Amazon prime video on mobile, with this mobile industry is coming up with new display technology. As we all know Samsung displays are leading smartphone industry. So watching good quality content on Samsung is always fun and with hdr10 and Dolby sound (both types are available on Netflix and prime video) its like cherry on top of a cake. Along with this, the best part of galaxy devices for me is that I can use two separate Bluetooth devices at the same time. What I do is, I use 'separate app sound' feature. So with the help of separate app sound feature, I use my Woburn for Netflix or prime video or any movie/series streaming app and for the call I use my galaxy buds. Honestly,  the setup is too good for me. It's so hassle-free, most of my time while watching I don't even have to touch my phone(some credits to Bixby and Google assist for not touching my mobile)