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Plastic waste is improperly disposing of plastic objects (bottles, bags, packaging material including thermocol etc.) in the environment which adversely affects flora and fauna.

Plastic can take up to 500 years to bio-degrade, which means that it can impact the environment adversely if not recycled responsibly. The environment is impacted in the following manner:
(i) Burning of plastic waste emits toxic gases
(ii) Plastic waste thrown on land makes the land infertile and pollutes groundwater
(iii) Plastic waste flows into oceans and adversely impacts marine life
(iv)Littered plastic waste gives unaesthetic look and choke drains during the monsoon season.

Samsung Care for Clean India program is a comprehensive commitment towards environment in adherence to the global recycling laws, to raise awareness about responsible disposal of e-waste, reduce e-waste generation and encourage recycling of e-waste.

Samsung has signed contracts directly with the government authorized recycling companies who have committed to no incineration, land filling, or exporting of hazardous waste to developing countries. This program provides pick-up facility for all electronics products. All the customer needs to do is to dial a number.

There is no monetary benefit/discount linked to this program. The main benefit of this program is to contribute towards cleaner, safer and greener environment