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Hi Everyone,  wish you all a great 2021.

I recently bought a 55" QLED, Q95T in India along with a Q800T Soundbar 

The screen is brilliant however I am facing an issue with sound. 

When I connect the TV to the Soundbar and select eARC auto , 7/10 times there is no sound on the sound bar or TV . However when I turn eARC off , the sound resumes . 

I has called Samsung and had a service engineer visit me. The technician couldn't figure the issue and simply did a reset of the whole system . There after I had to go through the whole process of logging into the various apps. The eARC started working for a few days . Now the problem is reoccurring and eARC is not giving any sound to the Q800T sound bar. I have tried several HDMI cables ( assuming it might be a cable issue ) still no result. I am rather shocked how such a thing could happen with the top of the line devices being sold at such a heavy premium by Samsung .

2nd issue is pertaining to the limited number of apps offered in the App store . One major omission being Discovery Plus which is what we all like watching .

I am looking for an immediate solution or a complete refund so that I may buy some other device that at least works as advertised. I feel cheated .

If it started working after a factory reset and then stopped working suddenly later on, then it might be an issue with a specific piece of software, an app might be causing the issue or any other setting which might be interfering eith the sound system.

As for the short selection of apps, the app developer needs to make a separate app for Android and Tizen TVs. Like for example, YouTube, Google developed YouTube for phones and a separate app called YouTube TV for Smart TVs, so its the developer and not the manufacturer.

For Discovery+, Discovery Communucation India needs to develop a separate app for Smart TVs.
thanks for your reply.

please do suggest how to figure which app might be causing this...

FYI this problem is persisting across all apps .

in my humble opinion, if at all, it might be the Samsung operating software that might be causing this , if at all. Perhaps an update might solve it...

BTW , do you have a Q95T?

have you noticed anything like this ?

No, I don't have a Q95T, I am planning to buy the frame sometime in the future. And if you want to figure it out, the only way is to reset the TV, use it for some days, if everything is perfect, then start downloading all the apps you use one by one, then keep an eye. Update me after doing this, I know this is tedious, but its the only way.
there seems to be some issue with the latest update by Samsung in the update version 1461.

I have come across other reports online .

I hope someone from Samsung is listening in and reports this to their team.

I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy this TV before a solution comes in via a software/ hardware change which should be brought to all owners immediately
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Dear Samsung Member,

Greetings from Samsung Customer Support!

We request you, please call us on 1800 40 SAMSUNG (7267864) / 1800 5 SAMSUNG (7267864) or email us at support.india@samsung.com. So, that we can assist you accordingly.

Thank you for writing to Samsung.

Warm Regards,
Samsung Customer Support


So I have been in touch with the Samsung Customer Support...

they have visited my place a few times, different people came but they still haven't been able to figure why the eARC mode is acting up.

Now they have just vanished and not responded to me .

How do you think I should proceed... it's leaving a very bad taste
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I came across a solution in a different samsung forum.try connecting the sound bar to a different TV through ARC and use it for sometime and then bring it back to your q95t and see if it works then...