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Why are Samsung smartphones so expensive and popular while the quality is terrible?

Caution: This is my personal opinion, you might have different opinion. Also, Technology changes so fast these days, that after sometime, companies change their strategy to gain market share hence some points might not be relevant in present era.

Here are few things which make Samsung device terrible :

  • Touch Wiz : A system that Samsung use in thier device is called Touch Wiz,slightly modified version of Andorid. It is full of bloatwares ( Apps which are worthless and people never going to use them although they cant delete them and stop them from running in background ) make samsung device slow like hell.
  • Copied Apps : Samsung’s developer make just copy of Google each and every aspect, Google have vertual assistant, Samsung made Bixby( Galaxy S8) , Google have play store, Samsung made galaxy store. Google have android, Samsung made Tizen ( Visrtually same as touchwiz ) . Do we need this ? Not at all ! We just want device which can support Android flowlessly. Samsung could have make a device like nexus, Motorola, just the stock android nothing much fashionable. Simple and fast,rather than making such mess of apps.
  • Restriction : Touchwiz is more restrictive, you can't simply delete apps that you dont use and even you can't deactivate them. You are always have to go with the system provided by them.
  • Partiality : Any device samsung made have two to three diffrent models with different processors, and component. The devics with high performing parts are shipped to The US and Europian Countries. And cheaper model are forced to sell in the developing country like India, South Africa, and Asian countries. This is why some part of the continent have never seen best peocessing device that samsung had made. I precisely remember that my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in India had shipped with Exynos ( Samsung’s own processor ) while the same model in the US , is shipped with Snapdragon processor !! Why this partiality ?!
  • Use of low quality equipment : Samsung mobile devices are shipped with plastic back panels, cheap coated metal round the edge of front panel to make it look like premium but it worn out in just 4 to 5 months and make device ugly to look upon. Whynot to use real metal instead of Coated metal ? This make samsung device more disgusting.

Here are some points in which you feel good sith other non branded device :

  • Software : This device are running on stock android, which has less bugs than Touchwiz.
  • Part Quality : The qualtiy, which these non branded company uses are far supiror than Samsung’s device which is in the same price tag.
  • Latest Teachnology : Almost all the new device are offering latest technology, shich samsung lags in this price range.
  • Latest trends : Some non branded company follow Apple, and make device which look like and feel like Apple’s iPhone, such as Oppo, Vivo, Mi. These companies know where the trend is going. What kind of things are desired by common man. Like whole aluminium body, dark or black coloured device, Finger Print Sensor, Fast charging, higher MP camera, Wireless charging , NFC etc.

Reasons why Samsung device are so famous after all such points :

  • Seen Everwhere : It is normal human psychology that what we see, we believe, we see lots of samsung device around us hence buy one of them as we feel secured that this have something which people trust, kind of thing.
  • Customer care : After Apple, i believe there is only one company who support thier customer and solve thier issue. Samsung have many customer care center around world. non branded companies dont have such center, and people want to be in the safe side if something goes wrong ! Pretty obvious !
  • Trust : Normal people dont have idea about what is in the device, they just want a device which can perform some task, and can be relaible, so they just go to the shop and ask for samsung, as we ask for colgate for toothpaste, Viks for balm !

Most of the time people dont care about what is being offered to them, they are just interested in the information like 6 GB ram, QHD display, 3500 mAh battery, 21 MP camera ! This is just a nubmers through which you can be tricked so easily, like 6 GB DDR2 ram ( quite obsolate now, as we have DDR4 and 5 rams around us ) , 21MP camera with f/2.2 , but from chinese company and 12 Mp camera from Song with Optical image stabilaization and f/ 1.8 aperture ! This makes difference in the image qualtiy. Samsung make gorgeous device like s8 and s8 plus,but quality comes with price, as Apple device are costly, but they provide such quality that people are forced to but them beacuse you can't compete with the best ! And people want the best ! Sweet as simple .

This is why we end up getting outdated device, quality. So just do some research and buy something .

Hope it helps.

PS - not against samsung and writing this after using Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and note 3 neo, Iphone 6, iPhone 7, IPhone 7+ and iPhone X and my interactions.

These were the situation back then it was totally on the people’s experience in India. Sole reason why we have MI, Realme, Oppo and Vivo in Indian market is due to such issues with Samsung. Now a days industry changes in a day, companies launch 2 to 5 flagship phones in a year along with some prototype models for future purpose. In a way companies are forced to adhere to customer needs and try cost cutting be it Apple (IPhone SE 2) or Samsung ( M series ).

peace ✌🏻